Nothing Hidden

Prairie Truck & Auto Sales is a family owned and operated dealership since 1991, with over 30 years of experience in the industry we are certified to customize a truck to suit any customers needs whether it be shortening or lengthening the frame, installing a wetkit & a 5th wheel plate, changing the axle spread, prepping a chassis for a manufacturer to install a body on the back, or even doing any paint/body work to customize the truck.


Our trucks are backed by our Prairie Municipal Guarantee program, in this process we thoroughly go through the truck and guarantee you the truck has the following:

  • Perfectly tight kingpins, good pins, and bushings on the steer axle, at least 45% or better brakes, drums, shoes and seals.

  • All brake hardware such as: s-cam bushings, brake chambers and slack adjusters will be in excellent operating condition, all torque arm bushings are tight, the h-members are not stress cracked, your walking beam bushings are tight including the center pin on the beam bushings and none of the springs are cracked or fatigued.

  • We also inspect the motor mounts, transmission mounts, driveline u-joints, and mid shift bearing hangers to make sure they’re not dry rotted.


Stage two of our Checkout program we proceed to:

  • Pull transmission fluid samples where we’re searching for any contaminants such as black burnt fluid, cooper or aluminum. If any of these contaminants are found it is a clear indication the transmission is getting weak and requires replacement.

  • Next, we inspect the differentials on both the front and rear axles by pulling the magnet plugs on the power divider to look for any bearing debris. If we find any metal sticking to any of the (3) magnet plugs we then proceed to pull the nose cone off the differential to inspect the bearings and replace them as necessary (Worst case scenario is that the truck gets a brand-new ring and pinion/ bearing set)


Stage three of our Checkout Program consists of:

  • Checking/ testing all gauges, lights, and warning devices; we check items such as your fuel gauge to ensure it is reading accurately. If the truck is equipped with full lockers, we test the switch actuators and check to see if everything is operating properly to engage/disengage the full lockers. Items such as your windshield wiper linkage, wiper blades, and windshield washer fluids checked, topped off and replaced as necessary to ensure your windshield is being cleaned uniformly.

  • Plugging to the truck with our diagnostic software to check the trucks’ engine and transmission for any active or inactive codes that may be causing the truck to run poorly or display a check engine light on the dash. Our facility carries the same software that the dealers/ manufacturers do and is the most current and up to date for diagnosing trucks properly and ensuring they’re fixed. When plugging into these trucks with this software it allows to plug into the transmission to look for any codes that may be indicating items such as ground speed sensor or throttle position sensor that may causing any issues. When your truck leaves here we guarantee it will leave our facility with no codes on either engine or the transmission.

  • All items such as ABS sensors and wiring sensors will be in perfect operating condition, the central hydraulics systems and components that lead to the engine & transmission are tested and will be functioning properly. 

  • If the truck you are purchasing has a plow system the tower that controls the plows & hydraulics are tested, checked and will be operational before the truck leaves.


The final stage of our Checkout Program is:

  • Taking the truck on a final test drive to ensure the engine is running properly and that the transmission is shifting into the gears at the correct times. During these test drives we take very detailed notes on any items that need addressing, we then re-check over all lights, strobes, warning devices, and hydraulic systems to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is operating properly. 

We take pride in the quality of our rigorously inspected trucks; our Check Program goes well beyond any D.O.T. inspection ever would!

We know you won’t be disappointed in our trucks!

Prairie Truck and Auto Sales - Inspection Sheet